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Read or listen to your favorite books – on the move or on the couch. BookBites is your personal
and inspirational reading universe, regardless of whether you borrow books through the library or
at school.

BookBites is where the future reads

Read more throughout your life

Reading expands your world. Reading is the key to knowledge. 
Reading lets you experience hundreds of different lives. Again and again – While you live yours.


Your new digital reading tool

BookBites is a one-stop shop for all your reading needs. It offers an easy and fun to use tool, enabling each student to gain motivational insights into their own reading process, and classmates can inspire each other to new reading experiences. As a teacher you can follow each student's reading pace, book choices, and progress. Use your new insights to analyse the reading habits in your class, so that you can give even better support to your students, both collectively and individually.


Reading is for everyone

Everyone can learn to read. And everyone can experience the joy of reading… if they are given the right opportunities.

BookBites is your digital reading community.

Read and listen anywhere

Read and listen anywhere
Adapt the text to your needs

Adapt the text to your needs
Recitation, notes, and dictionary

Recitation, notes, and dictionary
Visible reading performance and motivation

Visible reading performance and motivation
Rikke Bøg

It is very valuable to give the students access to the digital reading universe in BookBItes. We see that the students read more, become more proficient, and ask for more books.

Rikke Bøg, reading counsellor and librarian
Sabah Charif

It is a really good tool, both for those who read a lot and those who struggle with reading. I see a great potential in BookBites, and I’m sure that the motivating elements play a large part in keeping the students focused on their reading and thereby makes them stronger readers.

Sabah Charif, Danish teacher
Søndervangskolen, Aarhus, Denmark

When you chose a book at the library it is either not available or broken and maybe missing a page. On my iPad I just press a button and ten seconds later I’m reading my book.

Tobias, 4th grade at Verninge Skole, Denmark

Reading aid at your fingertips

At BookBites we remove the barriers for reading by providing the students with reading aids at their fingertips, so that they do not have to put the book aside to get help. With a single click they can have the text read aloud, look up words, mark a sentence, or write a note.


Click to get a word, a sentence or the entire page read aloud

Look up words

Look up difficult or unfamiliar words in the dictionary.

Mark text or make notes

Keep track of the story with notes and coloured markings.

Line focus

Use the digital ruler to keep focus on one line at a time.

Text adjustments

Adjust the text size, font, or line space based on your own needs.

Background colour

Choose a suitable background colour for optimal reading experience.

Insights for libraries

The library can follow the activity on both loans and economy, as well as its users behavior in general and on specific titles.
Users can also add reading of physical books. BookBites is therefore the first and only platform that provides user reading data from physical books to the library.

Commercial data

Commercial data

• Loans (totals, avg. costs etc.)
• Users (loans, conversion rates, retention etc.)
• Demographics (age, genders etc.)
• Activity (top lists, genres, etc.)

Behavioral data

• Time of activity
• Length of reading sprints
• Degree of completion / drop off points
• Data can be analyzed accumulated or per title

Behavioral data

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