The digital reading experience

Books are full of knowledge and experiences which broaden our horizons and are a vital part of becoming educated.

 Well-developed reading skills are a fundamental prerequisite for secondary and post-secondary education. Unfortunately, motivation to read is low for many learners, and some struggle to find joy in the world of books.

BookBites is an innovative reading app that harnesses the digital format to transform reading experiences and increase motivation.

With BookBites, books are divided up into palatable, time-based segments, or “bites.” The amount and length of these bites automatically adapt to suit the student’s individual reading level and speed.


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World's best digital reading experience

Join us on our journey, where the goal is to create memorable experiences and a yet unheard insight into digital reading. The journey starts soon!


Gain insight in your own reading style and progression by using BookBites.

Supportive tools

You gain access to text-to-speech, lookup in dictionary, wikipedia search and the ability to write notes and mark text.