Encourage the joy of reading
BookBites is a digital school library and motivational reading app
The digital reading experience

Books are full of knowledge and experiences which broaden our horizons and are a vital part of becoming educated. Well-developed reading skills are a fundamental prerequisite for secondary and post-secondary education.

Unfortunately, motivation to read is low for many learners, and some struggle to find joy in the world of books.

BookBites is an innovative reading app that harnesses the digital format to transform reading experiences and increase motivation.

With BookBites, books are divided up into palatable, time-based segments, or “bites.” The amount and length of these bites automatically adapt to suit the student’s individual reading level and speed.

Book overview
When books are digital, it can be hard to keep track of where you are. Students receive a graphic overview of each book, allowing them to visualize all bites and chapters to see just how much time a particular book will take them to read.
Student progress
BookBites tracks reading statistics and provides each student with a history of their own progress. Students can see how many minutes they have read and their average reading speed.

Students are rewarded with stars while they read. The Bookworm inspires students to read to the next star with messages of encouragement and praise.
Teacher's insights
As a tool for the teacher BookBites provides continuous and precise insight into overall class reading skills and reading habits, along with data on completed and in-progress books. By clicking on a particular student, teachers can see individual statistics, allowing for targeted guidance and support.
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